I am the artist annhoff.

My preferred techniques are collages and monotypes.

bureaucracy, freedom of the press, environmental destruction, second life: namely, re- and upcycling.

I am often told that people are amazed by the expressiveness of my works. These compliments are often linked to the materials I use, since you should know that these materials are in fact waste materials which at best could be defined as collectibles.

However, for me they are true treasures!

They serve me – annhoff – as design elements for collages and as printing blocks for monotypes.

I work – related to a theme – in extensive cycles with both striking and poetic titles: for example “BrickRed”, “Applications”, “panta rhei” … but also … “dismaying prophecy” …  or … “A touch of poetry”.

Have I sparked your curiosity? You are just one click away!

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